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As gem specialists, Maxam Magnata provides both extraordinary one-of-a-kind and volume calibrated gemstones for metalmiths and jewelry manufacturers. We are wholesale-to-the-trade only, and do not service the retail market.

Designing with our gemstones gives you a prominence in the market place which is so essential today. We are continually active in our worldwide search to provide you with a fantastic selection of rich and vibrant gems in our collections..

Experience thousands of drusy gemstones in colors that range from rich earth tones to juicy tangerine to royal purple. You won't believe the variety.

Our Ocean Collection provides pizzazz to your jewelry in specific natural colors suitable for quantity production. We specialize in volume calibrated gemstones for the jewelry manufacturer all year around. This collection includes Ocean Facets, Ocean Confetti, Ocean Swirls, and Delicate Checkerboard..

For drusy gemstones, our colors include Platinum, Gold, Titania green uvarovite garnet, pink cobalto calcite, rainbow pyrite, rich earthtones. Come check out our full inventory of gems available at our trade shows exhibits.

You'll also find an appealing variety of shapes (from classic to unusual and innovative artsy pieces), refined cuts, and pure, beautiful, and unblemished drusy gemstones.

We emphasize attention to detail and very personalized service, and really listen to your design preferences. We even provide you with support literature for cleaning and setting, and information for educating your customers.

email: gems@WholesaleGems.com
ph: (520) 777-9227
Maxam Magnata Inc.